KiPI - Service Delivery | Service Summary


Service Summary is designed to provide you with a quick summary of the the tickets that your technical team has worked on.  By using best practices for documentation and including time sensitive entries as Internal Notes, Time Sheet, and Resolution Notes, KiPI will extract from Connectwise who touched what and when.  This summary view gives you quick insight as to what tickets have been touched during a given day.

You can manage the following:

  1. Build a pre-query filter on date and company.  This allows you to only select those records from your Connectwise data.
  2. Select All entries, Timesheet entries, or Internal Notes entries depending on how your company uses Connectwise.
  3. Use export to extract your data into Excel for further analysis and usage.
  4. Build a Company Report that can be printed out and provided to clients.  The report can be organized by Company or Technician.
  5. Save your filtered views for later usage.


Where can it be found?

Service Summary is found under the Service Delivery tab of KiPI.

Below is the form used to review your data.

How do I use the Company Report?

The company report is provides a customer ready document that you can provide to your clients on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with a quick summary of tickets your technicians have provided comments and information about.  This report can be automated used the KiPIreporter utility that is included with KiPI itself.  Below is a sample showing tickets for a company and who touched those tickets for that day.

Can I automate this report for delivery?

KiPI comes with an additional application KiPIreporter.  KiPIreporter was designed to work from the command line and gives you the ability to accomplish some fo the following items.

  • Use a scheduled task to generate a PDF output file and email it to various customers.
  • Provide a secure simple command line utility to generate reports for adding to billing summaries.
  • Generate a reporting history of PDF reports that you could then provide to your clients.

How do I customize the logo in the Company Report?

If a logo is used in a Company report, you can replace it simply by creating a LOGO.BMP and placing it in the same directory as KiPI.