KiPI Reporter - A command line tool


KiPIReporter is a command line utility to generate a service report from a Connectwise system.  This simple report provides a summary of who updated various tickets in the system with notes.  It does not show the ticket notes themselves, but is instead intended to be a utility to provide a summary to an organization about what activity has happened for a period of time.

KiPIReporter can be used for the following things.


  • Use a scheduled task to generate a PDF output file and email it to various customers.
  • Provide a secure simple command line utility to generate reports for adding to billing summaries.
  • Generate a reporting history of PDF reports that you could then provide to your clients.

Command Line Options


kipireporter 1.2 2012-02-21 :: A KiPI Utility - Harmonic Mix, Inc. (c) 2012
  -report [opt]        {servicelist|servicelistbytimeentry|
  -company [opt]       Company Name - Exact Match
  -daterange [opt]     {start date},{end date} i.e. 2011-11-01,2011-11-30
                        Special Date Params
                        [today]       Today
                        [yesterday]   Yesterday
                        [week]        Current Week Monday-Sunday
                        [lastweek]    Last Week Monday - Sunday
                        [month]       Currrent Month
                        [lastmonth]   Last Month
                        [last],[days] i.e. last,7 for last 7 days
  -empid [opt]         Comma list of Employee Id's to extract
  -orderby [opt]       [company,employee]
                        DEFAULT [company]
  -o [opt]             Output file...
  -od [opt]            Output file name, include current date ran in name
                        e.g. -od report.pdf
                               output file is report2011-12-01.pdf
  -t [opt]             Output Type: {PDF|Excel|Comma}
                        DEFAULT [PDF]
  -title [opt]         Custom Title for the report
  -h                   Application usage
Requires KiPI 1.1 Build 012 or greater
  > kipireporter.exe -report internalnotes -company "ABC Consulting" -daterange yesterday -o "report.pdf"
     generate report for all employees with internal notes on tickets
  > kipireporter.exe -report internalnotes -company "ABC" -daterange 2011-9-1,2011-9-31 -o "report.xls -t excel"
     generate report for all employees for September, results stored in Excel
  > kipireporter.exe -report internalnotes -company "ABC" -daterange last,14 -o "report.pdf"
     generate report for last 14 days

Where do I find KiPIReporter?

KiPIReporter is distributed with KiPI itself.  You will find the command line application in the same folder as KiPI.  KiPIReporter also depends on LICENSE.DAT for proper operation.  If you are going to schedule jobs with this utiltiy on another system, be sure to copy LICENSE.DAT to the same directory as the program.


How do I customize the logo in the Company Report?

If a logo is used in a Company report, you can replace it simply by creating a LOGO.BMP and placing it in the same directory as KiPI or KiPIReporter.

Sample Report