Back from IT Nation 2010

IT Nation 2010 was exciting to be at this year.  There were lots of great sessions about data analysis and extracting data from the Connectwise database.  It seems that Connectwise is much more comfortable with third parties extracting large subsets of the data from the database for analysis purposes.  This is great news.  Connectwise also announced a Reporting API that appears to be easily integrated into a future version of KiPI.  Users of hosted Connectwise systems are gettting closer to having other applications that will be able to access the robust data stored in the CW data center.  At this time, those pathes don't look as complete as KiPI, but they are heading in the right direction.  Once CW allows vendors to add their own views to this API, KiPI will be able to extend its customization into the datacenter.  More to come on this later from the KiPI team.

Other sessions focused on key KPI's and how they can drive your business.  Tools like qvWise, CW Dash and ConnectSmart had great presentations on dashboards, but they all seemed to be lacking the horse power of data analysis that KiPI brings to the table.  We will continue to push these common KPI's into KiPI, but we won't let KiPI lose it data analysis capablities because we know that each company does things a little differently in Connectwise.  We are doing our best to keep KiPI flexible and hope to continue to help our company and others obtain unique views of this data quickly to each companies interpertation.

Sessions were also devoted to using Excel and pivot tables for data analysis.  Connectwise  demonstrated how they are using a combination of Excel, MS Query, scheduled tasks and dashboards for showing reports in their customer service areas.

In my opinion, even though these options are serviceable, if you really want to pull back the covers on your data and ask some really challenging questions, I still think KiPI runs circles around the competition and makes data access, analysis and exporting much easier than all the others.  Take KiPI for a test drive today and let us know what you think IT Nation.

Timothy Koscielski
Business Owner of VerityThree, Inc. & KiPI Architect
(815) 322-8910