Our Story

In the summer of 2007, Connectwise was a strategic decision for our technology support company. We needed to do things, better, faster and more accurately. Connectwise gave us the processes to accomplish this business challenge. However, our business required the need to analyze the data in a way that was not possible by using just the PSA software.
To fix this we needed fast, efficient ways to get to our Connectwise data. Our Connectwise API driven software, called KiPI, has given us and others that link and is easy for anyone in an organization to ask a question about a process and get access to the answer. These features and others have given us new insights into our company. We know it can do the same for you.
The future development of KiPI will continue to be a Connectwise community driven application.  We encourage all of our clients to suggest enhancements to the application and we will do our best implement them.  Upcoming enhancements to the application will be posted on the features page of this website. 
Timothy Koscielski
Business Owner of VerityThree, Inc. & KiPI Architect
(815) 322-8910